Wednesday, 25 June 2014

London IMATS 2014

Hands up who's excited for IMATS 2014? me! me! me! I've never been before, never heard of it before last year to be honest, I haven't even been into London since the age of needing to be accompanied by an adult! (us Norfolk folk don't venture too far from home) so the whole trip has got me feeling all hyped up and giddy.  Not the 5:30 train journey bit, that bit can kindly do one.  But that aside I can't wait to see what discounts are being offered (fingers crossed NARS) and maybe get a picky with the odd YouTuber.  Below is what I'm currently planning on wearing, all the clothes are from a recent dordle around New Look whilst trying to kill half an hour in the city, hence to say the bank account took a beating! The jeans (un-ironed, as I wont be ironing them prior to wearing them so why would I for a photo?) were in the sale for £10, Bargain! and they are a  "relaxed slim" fit which are seriously flattering AND comfy. The bag is from Zara and is currently quashing the urge to splash out on a Michael Kors master piece.  I'll let you know what I get up to on my little adventure into the this space!
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Carla x

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  1. Your outfit is so cute!! Think I might wear jeans too... Xx