Monday, 16 May 2016

39 Thoughts Every 20something Has

1. Jeez, everybody is having children
2. Wait, should I be wanting children now?
3. I want a baby
4. I don't want a baby
5. Is that a spot...I should be over this already
6. I need a night out *goes on night out* I hate nights out 
7. *waking up in PJ's* Hell yes! I've reached that age people talk about where you love and accept your body
8. *gets dressed* False alarm
9. I dunno - Google it
10. I wonder if when I'm 30 I'll know what I'm doing
11. Why is everything so expensive
12. Knows how much pasta to cook *adds two more handfuls just in case* cooks enough pasta to feed all the neighbours
 13. Facebook is crap I'm deleting it *never deletes it*
14. I need a holiday
15. Adulting is so hard
16. How old is too old? - whilst drooling over George Clooney, surely the rules don't apply to him anyway...
17. Wine
18. I need to start buying quality over quantity
19. Leaves Primark with a £50 haul, and a new spring wardrobe
20. Complains clothes never fit right. See no.18/19 and repeat
21. Ooh I'm craving oranges - Oh shit am I pregnant
22. Wine
23. Should I be worried about wrinkles yet? They do products for 20 year olds. OMG I have crows feet if I squint like this...
24. I need to start making the most of my life *sits on Pinterest for 2 hours*
25. OMG in another 25 years I'll be 50
26. Fat
27. Gin and Tonic - The healthiest way to get shit faced
28. I'm never drinking again
29. I'm never drinking again
30. I'm never drinking get the idea!
31. I should really be saving more
32. Ooh new handbag
33. Cries at available balance
34. Gigi Hadid Instagram stalking...I look like a potato 
35. Why is tuna so expensive?
36. *Applies make up* I should wear less make up
37. *Wears no make up* I should really make an effort more
38. Did I just sound like my mum?
39. Ooh a houseplant...oh god I'm getting old
Much love
Carla x