Friday, 29 April 2016

29th April 2016 | Friday Favourites

Oh yes we do!
Our bae Friday has arrived, and that means the start of #FridayFavourites on my blog.

A mini run down of the things that in the last week I have been loving.

Lemon Water!

More specifically lemon water in 1.5 litre bottles. I know I sound like a crazy lady, but having my water in a larger bottle, just helps me drink more as its constantly accessible. I'm always trying to ensure I drink enough, and aiming to drink 2 or these a day is working for me. So if you also struggle to drink enough water, I would suggest giving this a try.


I binge watched the crap out of this, and its 98% due to the fact that Harvey Specter aka Gabriel Macht, makes my insides melt.  
Netflix has series 1 - 4, but you can find series 5 online. Personally season 4 I didn't think was great but season 5 brought it back to its best. Season 6 has no release date yet, but internet speculation is June/July this year.
Onto the next binge watch, suggestions welcome. I'm watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - which tbh is a bit naff, but I'm resisting the urge to loose my life to Game Of Thrones...

Oil Infused Micellar Water!

If you saw my post (here) on Wednesday, you will know I purchased this whilst hiding from an angry April shower. It's a brilliant double wonder product. Firstly it removes your make up better, and much more gently than the original micellar waters, and secondly it leaves your skin moisturised ever so slightly. It's not greasy, even on my combination/oily skin and just gives your moisturiser a little helping hand.  

Random...Chinese - Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls 

 I've had a serious craving for these all week, and caved twice! But whilst searching for an image of them tbh I think its put me off - phew! Things could have escalated and just looking at these things makes me feel a dress size up.


The last couple of lessons I have split the session 50/50 between pole and silks. Silks is so much fun, and the moves are all so pretty. At the start of each session, we begin learning to climb as it's the hardest part of silks to get to grip with, I've learnt the French climb and now the Russian climb pictured above. And I got to the top of the silks on my first attempt with the Russian climb!!!
So know I can get to the top of the silks, but coming down you have to remember not to slide down or you will get silk burn and so I just panic and end up half sliding half jumping LOL maybe I should work on that... 

This weekend we are off to book our honeymoon, buy wedding rings, view a wedding band a few other bits so expect a wedding heavy themed post next week!

Much love
Carla x 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wedding Wednesday | So Much To Do, To Say I DO!

It makes me very un-chilled to think when I purchased this it read 192 days!
Even when trying to arrange a very low key, no frills wedding there is so much to think about, and do, and arrange, and pay for, to just try and ensure everything comes together in this one little day.
I feel like its one step forward, two steps back at the minute. I have a friend also arranging a wedding and we are constantly saying to each other - Ooh I didn't even think of that and scribbling something else to the list.
But what I have got sorted within the last week or so is the flowers, make up, confetti, tables and chairs.
(tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!) 
As we are having our reception in a beautifully rustic untouched barn (I know right, how original) we have to provide the tables and chairs and the difference in prices for exactly the same table in chairs was ridiculous.
Same with my hair jewellery (ooh cryptic what might it be...) The item I wore and adored whilst trying on my dress was over £100 more expensive than the exact same item I purchased elsewhere. It's frustrating that company's feel they can hike up the price because its being worn on "your big day"
Confetti - wasn't even something I had on my list, and was purchased from a lady via a wedding Facebook page
Side note: Best tip going is to join every Facebook Wedding Page going, from table decoration to wedding dresses, it's all on there! anyway what I was actually saying is the confetti is actual frickin flower petals! Amazing.
So this weekends tasks to tick off are VERY exciting
1. Suits      
2. Band       
3. Rings      
I'll keep you updated on how we get on, wish me luck!
Much love
Carla x

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fancy Restaurants | Filing | Mini Boots Haul

Good afternoon, how has your week started off? I hope with lots of catch up coffees and maybe a cream cake...hmmm I wonder what time the bakery closes.
 I think I might have blinked and missed last week, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of nice restaurants, an unplanned, April shower induced Boots mini spree, a spin / silks class and nope not a single gym session...or is that a lie? I might have gone Monday, either way last week was yet another gym fail.
First lovely restaurant I went to was CafĂ© Rouge, which although there are two in Norwich I had never been too. In case you don't  know it's a French restaurant, and it was really lovely and every single course of mine was heavy on cream - tasty! I went with friends during the week and had a lovely evening, and although debated I passed on the snails...
Second restaurant meal of the week (pictured below), was the always on point No.24 in Wymondham. It is one of mine and Joes favourite restaurants, and we went on Saturday night with his dad and partner. The food as always was exceptional, and made even better by the fact they had sticky toffee pudding on the menu - my favourite!
On Sunday I was in a "OMG I need to organise everything, and why is nothing ever where I need it to be, and I don't think I've filed since 2014!" mood. So I popped to Staples and purchased some files to (re)organise all of our paper work, as it had gotten out.of.hand. with piles of paper stuffed in every draw our house can accommodate and then some. So I spent all of Sunday with our paperwork all over the living room floor(with 3 pups in the house, good thinking Carla!) and have it all nicely organised now. 
Feeling accomplished! 
So here is the result of my dart into Boots to avoid the damn showers that have plagued us all weekend.
Hail in April - no thanks!
Truth be told, I didn't break the bank so I don't even count this as a splurge (technically means I'm still entitled to a splurge this month as I'm not counting this right..?!) 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - an absolute babe of a product, and if I could upgrade a product to friends status it would be this baby. 
Soap and Glory Body Wash & Body Scrub - The Sugar Crush is the only scent of Soap and Glory that I do like, and its one of my go-to brands as you just get so much product for your money, especially as it is always on 3 for 2.
Cotton Wool Face Pads - I actually purchased 4 packs of these, because who doesn't always need these?
Oral B Toothpaste glamorous shine - Not sure my teeth need to shine glamorously, but they were buy one get one free and they match the make of my teeth whitening strips so in the basket they went.  
Massage sponge - purchased solely for the white scrubby bit, as anything that helps with exfoliating in my books is a winner.
And then the two products that I'm really excited about

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water - I've read good reviews about this beauty, and I use the standard micellar water at the moment, the one with the pink lid. But it doesn't remove my mascara with scrubbing, which leave my eyes sore, and I still wake up with panda eyes. Also my skin is getting dryer as I get older, and my usual moisturiser isn't cutting it so I'm hoping to give it a help in hand with the oil from this product - I will report back how I get on with it.
Rimmel Sun Shimmer In Shower Self Tan - Now I am a fake tan virgin! I've always just been way to paranoid about it going wrong, or streaky or orange or GREEN! and then theres the fact that seriously who cba! But when I noticed this advertised, I thought if I saw it in store I might give it a go. Mostly because I will do anything to prolong my shower, secondly it's buildable, so I'm hoping it will be pretty light and forgive any poorly applied-ness! and thirdly I don't want to be as pasty white as I currently am *sobs* I haven't read any reviews on this, but again I will update you.
Wish me luck!
I hope you've had a lovely Monday (and Tuesday as I didn't get this up on schedule), I'll see you Wednesday with a wedding update!
Much love
Carla x

Friday, 22 April 2016

22nd April 2016 | What To Do

F R I Y A Y !

Friday has come, with all it promises of drizzle, cold and yep SNOW! Urgh.
So I'm faking my Friday feeling and hopefully a little miracle will happen and it will crawl out from under the bedcovers, which is where I wish I currently was.
I'm seriously missing the sun, and feel like I NEED a beach holiday, but can't go on holiday because we are saving for our wedding, and honeymoon but that's not till September and I know, I know my life is so hard right....right?!
I've been thinking about how to bring some structure to my little web space, and I think I'm going to go with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Routine.

Monday Life

Wedding Wednesday

Friday Favourites

That'll give me things to focus on, instead of just brain dumping every few days. It also gives me an idea of photos I need, which gives me purpose to go play with my camera - WIN!
But until then I'm just going to ramble - soz and that.
I must must must get back into my weekly gym routine, I have been off it for at least two weeks, just going the odd here and there and feeling crappy about it, not because of body woes, because I actually really enjoy it and miss it.
I went for my first run of the year this week, it's taken me ages to get up the courage to go, and it was only 1k to test my headphones. But I'm not going to even pretend that it didn't knacker me, because I was d.o.n.e. But I have to start somewhere, and what did I expect, I haven't been in over 6 months!
Not even going to bleat about how much my calves hurt for the next few days, as Carla you're an idiot, why did you not stretch after....
Ok, I'm not doing a great job at faking that Friday feeling am I.. being all whingey and moany and sob sob sob where is the sun FFS!
Right, I'm going to leave you lovely lot, and hope you are having a better day than I currently am.
Bring on the weekend - I'm going to bake cookies!
Much love
Carla x

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19th April 2016 | RIP Georgie Junior

Stealing Pizza behind Joes back... 
Luna trying to join the gang 
Rocking a dodgy Mohawk
I had planned a weekend round up post yesterday, but yesterday morning I lost my bunny Georgie junior, and so didn't feel like rooting around in my head for words as I was sad.
Georgie Boy had the tamest personality out of all my rabbits, allowing the puppies to kiss him whenever I had his hutch open, he always could be found cuddling cupcake or Binky whilst sleeping and pretending to enjoy my cuddles unlike his mum and sister. He also had a love for junk food, regularly trying to steal pizza and donuts - boy after my own heart!
I've had 4 indoor rabbits Georgie Boy passed away years ago when he was poorly. But in the last 6 months I have lost both Georgie Junior and Binky(Dark Brown)due to old age and it's horrible. I have my original baby still Cupcake (White Rabbit), but now she is all lonely and that in itself makes me sad, but it makes no sense to buy her a friend as she is very old and then I would be back to square one at some point. I could look to rehome an older rabbit, but tbh she's a bit of a bitch and probably wouldn't like her new play mate anyway.
So she is just going to have to put up with lots of over compensating cuddles, grooming and kisses from the puppies - as you can see from the photo above, the puppies adore the rabbits and do all they can to get in with them.
Apologies for the dodgy quality images, but they are from various phone cameras.  
Much love
Carla x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

13th April 2016 | Christian Louboutin Lust List

If there is one man who knows what a girl wants it's the infamous Christian Louboutin.
  My current lust list would keep my bank account in the red for many many years, but window shopping can't hurt right? right?!
Come day dream with me, and try not to drool over your smart phone.

Fricaba Tissu/calf EcAom Cotton - £795.00 

 Mosaika Kid/patent - £725.00

 Survivita Velvet Matte - £60.00

 Very Rete Mini Resille - £575.00

 Paloma Small Tote Bag - £1,195.00

 Une Plume Sling Calf Hawaii - £465.00

 So Baker Kid/knot - £1,695.00

So that's a hefty imaginary bill of  £5,510.00
Annnnd back to reality, have a lovely day people
Much love
Carla x
*all images from Christian Louboutin UK site

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

12th April 2016 | Stress Less

Sometimes life is stressful.
Sometimes the stress is required to give you the kick up the bum you need to just get shit done.
But don't forget that stress is just an emotion and sometimes you have to live through crappy emotions to remember why the great ones are so flipping great!

My Stress Less Tips

(tips I endeavour to follow...y'know in a perfect blogtastic world)
1. Most importantly: Do what you need to do! Don't avoid the things that are making you stressed, you'll become overwhelmed the problem will escalate and you will have to deal with it eventually and it will only then be 854621356% worse.
Just do it.
Prioritise, and do the things you are dreading most first. 
You'll thank yourself by lunchtime.
2. Make a list and put EVERYTHING on it. I mean all the stupid little things that you have to do, but aren't really list worthy. Like brush your teeth (duh - tick!) make a 11am cuppa (tick!), listen to voicemails (oh god more things to add to the list - tick!)- if nothing else it will give you more things to cross through which will give your brain the placebo self accomplishment endorphins you are craving to get you through the next actual noteworthy task to tackle.
3. Don't forget to take care of you, make sure you take a break from all the getting stuff done above or you'll burn yourself out. That can be as little as getting up to make a cuppa tea, or actually stopping to eat your lunch or go full on relax mode and take a bath with bubbles and all! Just keep a bit of time for you, so you don't go insane.
4. It pains me to say it, but DONT DRINK COFFEE - The caffeine will just increase the feeling of anxiety leading to more un-necessary stress. Feeling wired when stressed just isn't something you need, switch your usual latte for a camomile or peppermint tea...good bye mid afternoon bloat!
5. Once you are finally stress free (the dream!) or atleast over the worst of it, look back on what you achieved. Realise how much you actually dealt with, make a mental note of things to improve on next time (that's what I'm currently doing right now) and finally treat yourself - I suggest a evening pamper session, nothing puts me in a better mood than having freshly plucked brows!
I'm such a wild child...
 We can be too hard on ourselves and sometimes we just need to remember that we are all freakin' awesome.
These are my tips to look back on the next time I'm in a stress, let me know yours.  
6*. And when all else fails, crack open the gin! I won't lie to you all.
*Warning this tip is not useful in the slightest, apply with caution.
Much love
Carla x

Monday, 11 April 2016

11th April 2016 | Life Update

 Good day you patient lot!
I've been gone for a good week because basically work got cray cray! and that's what lets me live in my little house, and do all the lovely things I wanna do so that's what I have to focus on when I'm stressed up to my eyeballs - Soz and that.
So lets update you
Fish Tank Dramas: Last Sunday our fish tank leaked, we realised it had been for a little while as we started to notice the floor coming up. The Fish tank is 6ft x 3ft-ish and holds a shisha tonne of water so we needed that sorted asap!
We headed off to Notcutts in Norwich to look at fish tanks threw a strop about how expensive they all were, came home realised we had to buy one anyway and then Joe went back and ended up purchasing two smaller tanks to accommodate all the fishies that live in our previous big tank.
Sorted. Oh and the floor needs replacing *sobs*
 Work Work Work: For anyone that doesn't know, we have our own company supplying bespoke timber buildings, specialising in Shepherds Huts like the below. With this type of business you obviously get peak periods during the year, and the Easter bank holiday is THE kick starter for this period, so I was swamped in the office and been working late most nights to catch up. Hence the no show on my blog. but I can happily say I'm back in control and things are A-Okay! 
Fitness - HA!: The gym also had to take a step back due to the work. I didn't get to the gym all of last week, and ate like a stereotypical uni-student - it wasn't great, and made me feel sluggish and meh. This week I'm gonna be back on it so no biggie.
Camera: I'm slowly getting to grips with my new Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7! I love it and currently find myself searching for fellow bloggers who also own it and have been kind enough to blog about the fundamentals on setting it up / using it. (hint, if you know any let me know!)It's my current baby, and comes with me almost everywhere now in this snazzy little handbag I purchased for it from Clarks.
Pole Fitness: I'm now officially doing inverts in pole, and it's the scariest and best thing ever! Ooh I also now work on a spinning pole as well as the static pole, and although it's terrifying if you kick off and spin for the next 2 days its so much more fun. My arms though...I have never known them to ache like it!
Gimmie the guns!
Wedding planning: I now have flowers half sorted, and make up sorted, by my lovely make up artist friend for life Kelly. We had a lovely catch up over a pub dinner, and made me all happy that no matter how much time passes we can just pick a date and it's like nothing has changed.
1 & 1/2 things ticked off the to do  list
Hang Over: And the last thing to add is yesterday I experienced the 2nd worst hangover of my life. I'm usually quite good, and avoid the hangover - but oh man it was horrendous. We had a brilliant night at Joes dads for Fiona's birthday, and much fizz was consumed! luckily I left about 30mins prior to it really kicking in, and so most of my drunken behaviour happened at home...which was fun for Joe to deal with, who for once was the sober one! Still feeling a little delicate today, but nothing a few gallons of lemon water wont resolve.
So that's all of that and you're all up to date.
Have a lovely day. 

Much love 
Carla x