Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dear Diary, What Makes You Happy?

If you follow me on social media you will have already seen this one (if not, why not!)
Thought I would update my blog with a dear diary post as I'm in such a good mood.  I think I am getting all excited about the weekend being so close! I'm quite an excitable person in general, I'm like a roller coaster it's either up, up, up! Or down, down, down! There is no middle gound, only the extremes in my day to day. I don't mind this it's part of my character, but it's quite lucky that small things can create this genuine excitement in my life. Examples of things that have contributed to my good day today; an early morning text from my fiancé, chocolate at lunch! I woke up fresh as a daisy this morning (very unlike myself that one), how excited Luna gets when i get home, a leg wobbling workout, and the prospect of an exciting weekend. It's funny how your mind wanders but It got me thinking about how many people neglect excitement, cast it off as childish, only allow excitement to surface for events they feel worthy. Each to their own - but seriously life can be hard, and exhausting, and difficult, Why wouldn't you take the most from each moment? It's important to appreciate and cherish the little things in life.
I know I'm being all a bit philosophical and love thy neibourgh here, but you can blame my fiancé for this. Last night he got me to watch the below video. It's Jim Carrey giving a speech about life. I would highly recommend a watch, don't let the length of the video put you off, it's truly grounding. The video for me reaffirmed the importance to do what you love, stop making things that make you unhappy your priority, stop taking the "safe" option in hope of security and happiness, stop letting fear ulitmatly run your life. I was so lucky to have someone in my life who was truly brave, lived life to the fullest, never said no, was always the first on the dance floor, always wore the highest heels! She was refreshingly brave, in a society of caution. 💎 

If you are reading on a mobile device the link is here:
It's not always easy to be sure of yourself, and know what makes you happy and that is a little sad. I have been really lucky recently found a few such thing, for example I now truly love keeping fit and healthy, but before I made this discovery I was already doing Yoga, at the end of each class there is a 10-15 minute guided mediation, if you have never meditated before, just do it! It really gives you space to think, and I think I'm going to be doing this more reguarly as a result of the above video. 

So this weekend I'm looking forward to the following; my fiancé is marking us a gate for our back garden, i may or may not be getting a tattoo, Luna is going to have her first outing in the big wide world, I plan to give the garden a make over, and this still counts although it's next week, our new  kitchen gets delivered! Oh ma gaad, that's a biggie! I have been without a kitchen since we moved in to our home in October! So my roller coaster is currently on the up! Hope yours is too! 

Bullet points to take from this post (you know it's been a ramble when you need to summarise!)
  • Watch the video
  • Find what makes you happy
  • Let go of living in fear
  • Eat chocolate 
  • Appreciate the little things 
I hope you take something from this, if you really enjoy the video I highly recommend you watch V for Vendetta, same (ish) concept, fantastic film! (One of my top 3 favourites!) 

Much love

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