Sunday, 10 August 2014


Primark | Next | The Range

Who doesn't love a good little shopping spree?! We'll I have been spending my pennies - a favourite past time of mine I will have you know! And as I have a few items I thought I should really (being a blogger now an all!) do a haul for you guys. So enjoy.
First stop was NEXT, good job this was on my lunch break as I can do some serious damage to the bank balance in here. But I only purchased the Luxury Reed Diffuser in the sent Milan.
I have loved this scent for about 2 years, its my absolute favourite, also it comes in about everything you would every want to smell nice, diffusers, candles, perfumes! because you know, who doesn't want to smell like their can see the range hereNEXT describe the scent as "A vibrant fruity fragrance with a floral heart and a lingering woody base" I think its light, clean, crisp, and has a florally melon like scent to it, perfect for spring / summer time ( very professional description I know!) I bought the large bottle, and it scents my whole house, what more can you ask for from a scent.
Next stop was The Range, I picked up the following vase and flameless candle, after now two candle disasters, my finance believes its best I stick to these...However they are really good, they are real wax, and scented vanilla, require 3AAA batteries, and flicker like an actual candle. I even have a set of 6 that includes a remote control, pictured in photo above. I'm planning on placing the candle inside the vase, as it will look super cute for winter evenings all flickering away romantically....aww.
 The vase matches our lampshade in the bedroom, which came from NEXT, and I shall be in the near future (once I have bedside tables) be purchasing a matching heart shaped lamp also. See lamp here.
Then onto Primark, who doesn't love Primark, bargain central! I'm not going to talk you through each item, the pictures are pretty self explanatory! I purchased the following:

Side Note: These are the most comfortable trousers I have ever placed my legs into, and I will be buying the whole range.
I also bought undies too, but you don't need to see those!
Yay new things! On that note I have just found a snap chat I sent a while back - but its very fitting and just made me giggle, so I shall leave you with it, however unflattering it may be.


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