Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sanctuary - Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF15

Review time! and I have a new found love for you, and I can't believe I forgot to add it to my favourites this month (actually I forgot to add lots of things, note to self - make notes!) I stumbled across this beauty whilst trying to find Origins VitaZing, I was off to a festival, had seen a review, this was the product that I needed! But my local Boots store failed me big time as they don't stock Origins. So I was left wandering the isles in search of another BB cream with sun protection. Having never used BB creams before I was a bit lost, I am usually a no make up, or full face make up kinda girl - once I start I tend to get a bit carried away. So here is the one I went for: Sanctuary - Brightening Facial - Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF15.
Currently on offer for £10! Here
This little tub of wonder is fantastic! Its everything you need from a BB cream, light on your skin, has SPF 15, blurs imperfections, highlights, balances out redness and does a little to cover pesky break outs. although I would suggest a concealer too if your skin has few flare ups (like mine constantly grrr) as this is quite light coverage.
I don't honestly see myself going back to using foundations, I have really oily skin and its a nightmare when wearing foundation, practically impossible in the current weather conditions in the UK, but this has oil control also! If I had read the description properly I would have known this, but I was unaware of it's claim and it came as a unexpected joyful shock to me when I looked in the mirror at lunchtime and my face didn't look like it was slipping off! Seriously its the best (big claim) oil control product that I have come across in all my oily years. On a good day, I don't even have to powder at all! and it still lasts me the whole day. I can't actually put into words how happy that makes me...
On to the "meh" things about the product; I have the light to medium shade, which I'm pretty sure was the lightest one, and its very tanned, perfect for the summer (as obviously intended) but not everyone has a tan Sanctuary...and what about when I want to use you in the wintery months? answer me that. Although its a glorified moisturiser you have to apply it with a brush, if you try to apply with your fingers it rolls up as you do so, also when dispending the product you always have to remove the top bit as it will have dried up a bit and so won't blend onto your skin, its merely slightly annoying but still worth mentioning. But I can't find any other faults, and I have been wearing this for a couple of months almost everyday so not bad, also I still have loads of product left, maybe 3/4!
Overall I am totally in love with this BB cream, and will repurchase (maybe right now as its got a fiver off!) the biggest thing I love about this is the oil control, but as a general BB cream its fab too. also it saved me £14, as the Origins VitaZing is a whopping £29. I feel a holy grail product developing!
But maybe I shall purchase the VitaZing in the future when I'm feeling flush and do a little comparison for you, see if its really worth the extra £14...I'll leave you with a few photos of the product on. Apologies I didn't take these photos for the purpose of this, so its just a general idea of the coverage.
Carla x

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