Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My First Tattoo

After a unexpected break from blogging (9 days!) I am really missing it, having recently discovered I have torn a ligament in my pelvis, I haven't been all that up to applying myself recently. But after some amazing little painkillers from my doctor, I'm mobile (ish) again, YAY!
You would think being off work and unable to move my butt from the couch would leave me with bundles of time to blog, but alas it doesn't inspire you a whole lot.
But I have got some news to share with you all, and it comes in the form of my new tattoo! Can I get an oooohhhhhhhhhhhh?
I have always wanted a tattoo, and have almost had one a few times in the past. First off there was the lower back tattoo that I used to design over and over in my school books, then the massive black/grey rose tattoo that would have stretched all the way down the left side of my upper body, and a few other little designs that I always decided (thankfully) against. You need to be so sure before putting a design onto your body for the rest of your life. Although this tattoo may have been a rushed decision compared to the others I have wanted. This tattoo has meaning, and will never be regretted. 
I got my tattoo at Rag and Bone in Norwich, it has a great reputation and I have seen really great work come from their studio. Although my design was simple, and hardly needed the creative flare of a great tattoo artist it's still important to feel confident in the person who will be tattooing you.  
I started my day off with a scrummy breakfast, and prior to my appointment went and grabbed myself a homemade lemonade from the well known and highly rated CafĂ© No.33. You know, in case I needed the sugar if I got a bit nervous or potentially felt a little faint after my ordeal (the whole 10 minutes of it)...fully justified.
Then it was time for the tattoo, surprisingly I wasn't nervous, and it didn't hurt as I had expected, although obviously there is pain, it's more just uncomfortable rather than actually painful. The most painful part was when he went over a few lines. It was in a really sensitive area, and I was fully expecting to have to bite my tongue, wince or something, but it was more than manageable.
And here is the beauty. I love it.
 This tattoo means the world to me, and will always remind me to shine bright, and live life to the full.

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