Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Adventures of Luna

If you follow my Instagram, you will have seen that I had planned to post a soup recipe today, however something has happened between lunch and this moment that I just had to write about instead because its just so ridiculous.
My little cherub (read through gritted teeth) Luna today had a little adventure of her own which I felt was blog worthy. She was bouncing off the walls after a nap so I decided, as I needed to pop to the shops anyway I would take her along with me. Walks are not currently like you would imagine, she sits down every 4 steps, rolls around, wants to kiss everybody that passes, hates cars and sits down when they pass can imagine we never get too far.
So back to what I was saying, we were "walking" to the shops, once we arrived at the shops I had a bit of a struggle trying to find what people always tie there dogs too outside of the shop, in the end I had to settle with the metal frame that had buckets of flowers in, and just prayed she didn't find the strength to over turn the thing.
 I was a bit anxious about leaving her, as I knew she wouldn't like it anyway, so after tying her up and giving her a treat half the size of her head I ran into the shop, grabbed the nearest chicken to me (which was reduced...Win!) and rushed to the isle to pay. There was typically the longest queue that shop has ever possessed!
Which was when I started to hear a bit of commotion in the isle next to mine...followed by a few "awwws" and I knew Luna was in the bloody shop. She had wriggled out of her harness and was currently running up and down the isles looking for her mum it would seem. But did she run up to me and that was that, no she didn't. After locating me she decided she wanted to play and went bounding off. So to cut a story short, there I am running around our local with a chicken in one hand trying to grab the little ball of fluff that is our beloved Luna whilst she ran around like a lunatic!
So after finally grabbing her, plonking my chicken on the side I took her back outside, took off her harness and attached her lead to her collar. The reason we purchased a harness was because when we put her lead on her collar she cried like she was being beaten. So I then couldn't leave her, and was just sat on the floor outside our local shop with a trembling ball of fluff, no closer to having purchased our dinner.
Thankfully a lovely lady saw I was struggling and offered to sit with Luna so I could pop into the store. But lesson learnt! I am never taking Luna to the shops on my own again!
 I probably now have the nick name crazy dog lady. Thanks Luna!

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