Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Millie Mackintosh || My Top Picks

As if we needed another reason to love and envy Millie Mackintosh...

Obviously Millie first made herself known on MIC (Made in Chelsea for those who must have been living under a rock for the last few years) and since then I have personally stalked her every move - not in a creepy way, in a perfectly legal and healthy internet stalker kind of way. I love her style, her fitness ethic and how genuine Millie seems, also who can't envy Pro Green and Millie's marriage, they are so loved up, and enjoy having a giggle with each other, thankfully they are as addicted to Twitter and Instagram as I am to them, so I don't have to go long with a #TBT wedding pic, or a sneaky sleeping video! So imagine my delight when Millie was to launch her own clothing line!
Her website launched today (today also happens to be Millie and Pro Greens first wedding anniversary...*cough* stalker) and crashed shortly after due to popularity! and although I have had to spend my day earning pennies to be able to afford such luxuries, I managed to sneak a peek on my lunch break at the modest but gorgeous collection Millie has launched her website with, and oh my, I was not disappointed!
The website itself is chic, elegant, easy to navigate and has pictures of Millie everywhere! But if I was that gorgeous, I too would have photos of myself all over my website. The prices are at the top end of high street, but the pieces do look like quality items - I can't yet really judge as I have only seen the pictures, I'm sure time will tell.
Right enough of all that stuff, lets move onto my top picks of the collection!

My Pick of the Dresses - Bonded Scuba Prom Dress

My Pick of the Tops - X-over Drape Blouse

My Pick of the Separates - Animal Jersey Mini Skirt
2nd Pick of the Separates - PU Shorts
(Couldn't decide on just one!)
I hope to get my hands on a few of the pieces soon, let me know your favourites in the comments!


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