Sunday, 26 October 2014

OOTD | Fall Fitness

Second in the series of my Autumn inspired OOTD's, this ones for the fitness bunnies out there. My gym clothes are the clothes I honestly feel the most confident in, maybe its because when I'm wearing them when I'm working out which releases all those positive endorphins, maybe its because they can be so colourful and badass...I'm not sure, but I know that 8 months ago you would never have caught me leaving the gym in my skin tight leggings and a high cut muscle tank top, but now that me. Since developing a love for work out wear, I've created quite a collection.  Below are a few recent purchases for my latest goal, tackling my nemesis... running! So this outfit is for those outdoor runs I'm going to be taking myself on soon! Obviously a new goal requires a whole new outfit before I can even consider taking it on.... 
Trainers, Leggins both Nike. Sweater, Gloves & Ear Muffs all Primark.


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