Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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So with the colder weather creeping in, its far too easy to succumb to those cosy evenings on the couch, with a bar of galaxy and before we know it its Christmas! We are stuffing our facers with all sorts of delicious feasts, and our gym trainers are in the corner making a lovely home for the spiders. Well this year I have made some big changes with my fitness and I am determined to not let the colder weather draw me in with the cravings for comfort food and early nights. So I have set myself some goals to help motivate me and keep me on track.
Goals are a great way of tracking progress, and as you do progress your goals change and help you realise how far you have come, they also help you determine what you are actually working towards. When my personal Trainer asked me to set myself some goals, I was like yep no worries, what will that take me 3 minutes? Well its turns out I had no idea where to start, I had no idea what I actually want to achieve! and to be fair I'm still not sure,
So to help myself I decided to stop focusing on what I want to be great at, look like ect and thought about what I currently need to improve on, turns out I have loads of these so it made the task of setting myself some goals a lot easier on myself.
I'm giving myself 1 month of working on these goals, the 3rd maybe a little optimistic, however I'm still leaving it at 1 month it gives me something to work towards.
I hope these might give you a little inspiration if you are struggling to come up with working out some goals.
Also I'm hoping that by posting them for people to see, that it may give me a little motivation on the  days when I'm slacking, ill report back my progress in 1 months time.
Wish me luck!

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