Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How My Fitness Journey Began

Before I completely fell for all things fitness, I dabbled here and there for years. I would have a gym membership for a few months, cancel it, another membership for a few months...cancel it again and so on. I tried every bloody class going, body pump, boxercise, kettle bell, new body, even wobbly workout! (hilarious by the way) none stuck and so my yoyo love affair with fitness slowly fizzled out.
It wasn't until I was on holiday this February that I noticed how uncomfortable I now was with my body, although I had previously always tried to "stay fit" it had never really been because I felt I wanted to loose weight, more the fact of having a hobby. I'm not much of a hobbyist, unless you counted shopping, and I cant afford for that to be my only hobby!  But on this holiday I found myself noticing that I didn't like my body as I once had, and had been subconsciously hiding beneath my clothes and ignoring that fact that my body had been changing.
I'm now about to reveal the reason my fitness journey began once I got back from that holiday....
That photo. I hated it! (ignore the fetching headwear please)
Don't get me wrong I know things could be worse, but I'm not stating that I AM fat, just that I HAVE fat...and I didn't want that fat that I now had. 
Well back from holiday and flicking through the thousands (not an exaggeration) of holiday snaps, I came across the above photo of myself. That photo did not match with what I thought I saw in the mirror every morning, I knew I had been feeling self conscious but I was not expecting to look at a photo of myself and not recognise my own body! 
Well I knew I had to do something about this, and it just so happened (YouTubers and all round hotties) The Lean Machines started a Saturday morning boot camp just after my return from holiday,  my friend was going and I joined her - It was cold, muddy and bloody knackering! But from there I was hooked, I was introduced to Carly Rowena (also a gorgeous YouTuber) a personal trainer and asked her to help me get motivated - it worked!
Since then I have seen Carly once a week, and the difference it has made to my motivation is incredible. On top of my PT sessions I also do yoga, kick boxing, and obviously attend the gym also. I honestly love working out now, getting up at 6am to get my ass to the gym prior to work!...I know! (OK I still miss my alarm occasionally and sleep through my work out, who hasn't?!) My knowledge of training has increased, my confidence has increased - both in the gym and outside, my first PT session I wore baggy trackie bottoms and a long t shirt, having refused to leave my changing room in the leggings my friend had made me try on, now I'm loving my butt hugging leggings and short tank tops, and cant wait for the day that I feel confident enough to work out in just my leggings and sports bra - it gets hot in the gym y'no!
I'm nowhere near where I want to be with my body, but then I'm not sure I ever will be now I've fallen for fitness, you are forever setting yourself new goals and wanting to beat your last personal best, whether that be a heavier weight or another inch lost! I've been seeing Carly now for 6 months,  there have been a lot of ups and downs during that time, an injury, another holiday, a few missed sessions, my constant battle with trying to eat healthier (I suck at this, if you find a healthy bar of chocolate I can scoff, let me know!)
The below photos are from my holiday last moth, and I am happy with my progress, progress has been slow, and I'm not going to lie I always assumed that after 6 months I would be in perfect shape, but my dedication has wavered at times and that affects results. But now I have decided I really do like this fitness malarkey, its time to step things up a bit!
My personal advice to anyone wanting to truly love their work out is to go see a PT! You'll be amazed at how much you can get done in an hour! (also the ache the next day will either have you craving your next work out) Its expensive, but so so worth it! Be honest with yourself, and swallow the harsh truth that there is no miracle diet, no 6 week abs, drop a dress size in  day, if you want to change your body you are going to have to work your arss off for it!
 Keep an eye out for updates on my fitness journey! My current goals are here! I'll leave you with this photo fail of me trying to do the classic mid jump pose - it makes me chuckle.
Carla x

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