Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rimmel || Provocalips Review

When I purchased this apparently 16hr kiss proof lip colour I was more than a little sceptical of the claim. I also don't usually rate the two step lip products very highly - you might wonder why I bought the thing?! but that's the day I realised my blog has become a justification to purchase pretty things that I would usually think twice about. Oops.
Luckily for me I freaking love this product! and have worn it almost everyday since I purchased it a few weeks back.
The packaging is snazzy and as usual with these products it has a doe foot applicator at either end, which works as well as all the rest. The colour is beautiful and very seasonal, the one I purchased was 230 Kiss Fatal. You apply the colour coat first, which goes on lovely, I then leave that on for a few moments until it goes a little less tacky. 
Then you apply the top coat to "lock in" the colour and make it all kiss proof and amazing. And it works perfectly! I would add I think the top coat dulls the colour ever so slightly as it leaves the finish somewhere between matte and glossy which over time (hours!) gives into the matte.
Below I have the product on (I'm not sure why I look quite so  shocked...)  
 For £6.99 this product is fantastic, the wear time on it is incredible, the colour lasts all day, (and all night if you forget to take it off ) so that's the 16hr promise ticked, how often does that happen?! The original finish lasts for a good few hours before it goes more matte. But unlike some matte products it doesn't dry your lips out.
 The only things to note with it that aren't such positives is one, if you already have badly dry lips it doesn't sit too well on them, but what lip product does! and two you can't re-apply the product throughout the day. I thinks its because you have applied the top coat and then the colour coat doesn't sit well on top of it, it starts to roll up and makes you feel like you have chapped lips. but I'm sure if you wanted the shiny finish you could apply a lip gloss maybe?
And lastly the product DOES live up to its kiss proof name, my mug after finishing my cup of tea.... no lipstick stains here!
I am 100% going to be purchasing more from the line soon!
Love Carla  

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