Thursday, 10 March 2016

10th March 2016 | A Fresh Start

Ta Pinterest you beaut!
Oh hey guys, what are you doing here? What am I doing here?
This is as much of a shock to you is at is to me, I thought I was done with starting a blog thing. Over it, it’s been overdone, small fish big ocean yada yada yada...but I’ve been pining for it over the last week and this morning thought why the hell don’t I just write my thoughts down? So here I am word vomiting and it feels very releasing, like when you have carried around a secret and then you’re allowed to speak of it and. . .
breath, relax, calm.
 Since the last time I blogged I’ve realised that the reason I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have, and I seriously should have because I have always love to write, talk, get information out of my brain into the world as fast as I can think of it! Is 1 - I hated my job, and was stressed up to my eyeballs and a blog on top of that was never gonna happen, and 2 - I was just following the blogging trend, beauty reviews, hauls, outfit posts, and although I do love all that stuff on “The Youtube” (Gavin and Stacey anyone…?) what I really love to read and watch are lives! Whether that’s a dull day, and someone’s thoughts and worries or if people are up to something exciting and I want to live it with them on my dull days, or if it’s just as simple as being nosey and wanting to know what someone had for lunch, what can I say I’m a simple creature. I just enjoy people and the stories they have to tell there’s nothing more interesting than a person, and to get to know them through something as intimate as a blog is something I really darn enjoy! 
 So that’s what I am going to do! I’m going to update this little blog with whatever I want, and for personal reasons, not followers. I want an online diary to relive my days in a years’ time, two years’ time – let’s not get ahead of ourselves little lady! I want to record my days, especially as I am currently planning a wedding - gimmie all the emotions! Excitement! Panic! Worry! Delight! Anticipation!…I want to log them all.
So this is me telling you, that this is where you can find me, feel free to join the ride.
Much love
Carla x
P.s. Keep your eyes peeled for a make over on here, seriously Carla what were you thinking! 

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