Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March 2016 | The Cost Being Fit & Healthy

Hi Guys and Gals, a side step from the diary entries today, but below is what has been on my mind, and most probably why my last 2/3 entries have been fitness related, but sorry here's another.  

Whilst in the hairdressers for what felt like a day and a half, I browsed the magazines as ya do, and saw an article on the increasingly lucrative business of health and fitness. Which I am no stranger too, I am constantly lusting after the latest lululemon leggings, or the Victoria Secrets sports bra I obviously need, a new super food I simply must be adding to my smoothies, and don't even get me started on Nike trainers, did you know you can now design your own - need.
But it doesn't stop there, there's now a million and two super foods you are supposed to be adding to your smoothies, and chia pots for one the go at £3.40 a pop, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil - all apparent essentials. Vitamins you should be taking, supplements, pre and post workout powders...
That's not including your gym membership, PT sessions, classes, you can now get meal plans delivered to for mega bucks so you don't even need to prep and it goes on, everywhere you turn there is a fitness blogger prancing around in new gear bringing you the temptation to splurge on yet more essentials to make you fit and healthy.
This article was obviously showing the extremes and their were ladies (not that this only applies to ladies) in serious debt to keep up with their "healthy lifestyle"...

It got me thinking about how much all this advertising affects me. I took a step back and re-evaluated my own forever trying to be "healthy lifestyle". Had I become more interested in looking like I have a healthy lifestyle as opposed to actually being healthy? Have I have allowed social media to slowly increase my budget for everything involved in the process to get healthy. A social media induced healthy living tax? I purchased a nutri-bullet when I owned a blender, I now lust after £95.00 leggings and strappy backed sports bras for silly money. I'm a 25 year old adult and I can find it exhausting and un-motivating wanting to keep up all the time, constantly feeling 2 steps behind, but these advertisers are usually aimed at a much younger audience than me, it must be overwhelming to grow up like this - how can that promote healthy living. 
Obviously I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend money on expensive work out clothes - but does everything need to be branded? Are you eating so healthy that you can't possibly make some switches to get greater nutrition from your meals rather than relying on a expensive super food powders? Just actively think about what you really want, how much are you really willing / can afford to spend, make smart choices and make those choices for you and only you. If after all the deliberating what you want to spend your money on is a £48.00 squat goals muscle tee who am I to judge.  

 Being truly healthy, that's mind, body and soul is all about balance, and that means sometimes you have to wear Primark leggings and eat cake.  

Much love
Carla x

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