Monday, 28 July 2014

What's In My Gym Bag

I was originally planning on doing a "What's In My Bag" post, I love those - mainly due to me being so nosey! But after opening up my handbag and finding that 80% of the contents was receipts, with a few uneaten sweets and the odd lip balm thrown in, just in case you are wondering how many lip balms a girl needs in her bag...4! I quickly realised that I don't carry anything of interest and opted for plan B! My gym bag! 
So after a few disastrous visits to the gym, having previously forgotten all sort's, I think I have an almost fool proof concoction in my bag now that has my back no matter what the rush!
Lets start with the basics:
    • Water Bottle - Nothing fancy, does the job!
  • Sports Bra - There is nothing worse than getting to the gym changing room and realising your just gonna have to tackle a run minus your trusted sports bra (Ouch!), I always keep my "least favourite" bra in my bag, as my back up in case I forget.
  • Razor - I lied, there is one thing worse that forgetting a sports bra, walking out to do a upper body session and having forgotten to epilate your pits...nice. So now this little razor will save the day!    
  • Hair Bits and Bob's - for obvious uses, yet I still manage to spend half my work out doing the "Elliot Reid  - blow my hair off my face" 
  • Face Wipes - I like to use these prior to my work out to get rid of the days grime / make up, prior to sweating and my skin deciding to reward me with a lovely break out - I needs no excuse, and these are a Primark special at two packs for £1!! lovely job. 
  • Concealer & Make Up Brush - I keep these at the bottom of my bag, just in case I need to go anywhere straight after the gym that I don't wish to be seen looking like a beetroot. 
  • Smellies - No one wants to be THAT person at the gym, you know the one who is ponging out the entire room. Along side my deodorant I always have a body spray, my current fave is the Spritz from Fearne Cottons range that I received for my birthday, smells like musky vanilla - unusual but delicious!
  •  Work Out Gear - Obviously I change these each visit, but I like to store my work oout gear In my bag, so I can dress according to my mood or the more likely "did I epilate or do I need to wear my full length leggings...?" Also I will add that I am OBSESSED with Nike, luckily for me I have a discount Nike store in Norwich...Bank Account 1 - Nike 0! (That's a lie, it's still Nike 1 - Bank Account 0...)
  • Trainers - After forgetting my trainers for one of my PT sessions (already late, sitting in rush hour traffic, wearing steel toe capped boots!) and having to nip into Nike and learning an expensive lesson. I now always carry these babies in my bag at all times. Lets just take a moment to appreciate these beauties......
  • Music - Lastly my IPod shuffle, bought for the sole purpose of getting my butt to stay on the treadmill...£40 well spent in my opinion! Strangely ALL my favourite songs to run too seem to be Avril Lavinge, who knew.
I think that is everything, I hope this post made to question the contents of your gym bag, and whether it currently has your back!
Carla x
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