Tuesday, 22 March 2016

21st March 2016 | L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay - A Word of Warning Review

Good morning lovely people, todays post comes in the form of a review / warning of the much raved about new collection from L'Oreal, a re balancing clay collection for people who suffer from oily roots and dry ends - can I get a hallelujah!
When I first saw a review of these shampoo (which was pretty hard to avoid seems everybody and their sister had been sent the collection for review) I was like GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!
Not only did they promise the holy grail of hair care for us poor folk whose roots refuse to make cute manageable second day hair a thing! But they were impressing the heck out of the beauty gurus. So I trotted off to my local Boots (As they are conveniently on 3 for 2) and grabbed the trio you can see pictured above, Shampoo, Conditioner and a pre shampoo mask, there is also a dry shampoo, but I have enough of that in my possession to last me till approximately 2045.
And they were amazing! my hair was clean, refreshed, light and most importantly gave me great hair for 3 whole darn days (the dream) I was singing their praises to anyone that would listen. 
I started to notice, mainly when going to bed that my scalp was starting to get super itchy, and a little sore . I ignored it because you-know super nice hair! But it started to become unbearable, my scalp was getting dryer and dryer and I was using the product twice a week as opposed to 3 / 4 times a week with my usual shampoos and conditioners. I stopped using the pre shampoo mask, and it eased it a little but it was still there and annoying as hell.
Finally it became too much and I stopped using the products all together, and the itching / soreness has stopped but now my hair gets oily twice as quick as it did before I was using the products!!! I can wash my hair in the evening, and by the next afternoon already feel its needs doing again - FFS.
Now I'm no expert, but in my opinion I feel like the product has possibly stripped my hair of it's natural oils giving me this wow look at this fantastic oil free hair you've always wanted! But now my hair is over producing oil to compensate YAY!
So back to my ex I go - dry shampoo with an apology that I tried to rid you from my life.
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Much love
Carla x  

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