Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review - Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner

So here comes an early morning review for you all, I picked up this Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black with a Glamour magazine a few weeks back, and since then I have seen a few reviews dotted about the web, obviously it flew off the shelves quick as the magazine cost £2, and this eyeliner retails for £12 (Bargain!) even if its a dud, who cares you got a glossy magazine out of those pretty pennies too! 
So this little beauty claims to be smudge proof, fade proof, fool proof, Long Lasting proof...ok that one doesn't work but basically life proof! which is what every girl needs from her eyeliner right?! I wasn't expecting much, I didn't know the brand and it came free with a magazine, but this eyeliner has really impressed me. its super skinny felt tip nib allows you to get right along the lash line, but its great for building up a thicker line also. I much prefer felt tip nibs anyway (can I fathom gel eyeliner...no I cant!) but this really gives you precision when applying.
 I've seen on a few reviews that they are having issues with the eyeliner drying out super quick, when applying. I've had mine for way over a month now, probably nearer 2 and use it almost everyday all I can say is I haven't noticed any signs of drying out yet.
The colour is super black, and stays put (like seriously stays put!), even on my oily skin, and as it gives you such good control, and a super thin line its perfect for practising those wings!
Here's a few pictures with the eyeliner on, I am really chuffed with this find, I'm not too sure about the £12 price tag, seems a little steep for me - but if I have no luck finding a cheaper option that performs this well in the future, I still have a fail safe in this little wand.
All in all I LOVE IT!
Carla x



  1. This looks gorgeous hun, you're going to have to do my eyeliner next time I see you xxx