Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites 2014

So another month has flown by, seriously where do they go?! One of my favourite features to read or watch is a favourites post / video, they are great to see what you may be currently missing out on, give you new ideas for the next month, or just be nosey and have a poke at everyone else's interests!  So I thought I would give my own a go, I'm going to try and do this every I'm going to get started.
First thing completely breaks the rules of a favourites video, as although I love Nashville this month I certainly did not favour the end 2! If you haven't seen Nashville, then you are missing out! Its not an exaggeration to say that I am OBSESSED with the program (cough Charles Esten) and I was so gutted when it came to a close, I actually didn't realise the last episode was the last episode, and was constantly refreshing More4 waiting for (what I thought) was the last one and once I realised, I almost cried (oh I wish I was joking)
I have loved country music since I was a kid and this program has it all going on, good music, Deacon Claybourne, fantastic talent, Deacon Claybourne, great story lines, Deacon Claybourne.....If you haven't seen it you are missing out, and I highly recommend you go watch them ALL - before the third season finally makes it over the pond (It hasn't even aired in America yet! *cries*) 
I bought a smoothie maker, yay! (a £15 smoothie maker I might add! thank you Clas Ohlson) and now I try and make them my breakfast. My favourite ingredients are pineapple and raspberries! I will be doing a separate post on my favourite recipes soon.  I have now bought myself some protein powder also, I went for Protein Worlds - The Slender Blend in Vanilla. Now I'm adding this to my smoothies also, the theory being that I can help bring down the recovery time of my work outs (especially the ones with Carly Rowena!) and as this powder is a 3 in one (protein powder, meal replacement & weight loss aid) it helps keep me full till lunch. As I always eat all my scrummy healthy snacks in the morning then have nothing for the afternoon and that's when the cravings start kicking in. *ooh did someone make cake...?
Also its worth mentioning that this is delicious on its own also, I have a few times only had the shake, made with soya milk and it tastes just like milkshake - although I struggle to make it minus lumpy bits...any tips?
I have 2 more favourites for this month (lets not make this too long a post!) both are obvious choices however, first is our new puppy Luna. She is a Shih Tzu cross Toy Poodle, and I love her lots (even more so now she doesn't wake us up all night) I'm not going to talk about her, as I have done 2 posts already! Go check them out, she is super cute! (here & here)
And lastly my Blog! Not just my blog, but blogging in general, I absolutely love it and its given me such a great outlet for being creative and all that jazz! I's definitely a keeper! If you like it too you can subscribe to an email alert to keep up to date with what I'm jabbering on about here or if you already have a Bloglovin account follow me here.
Thanks for reading
Carla x

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