Friday, 11 March 2016

11th March 2016 | Spring Where You At?

Just realised I kicked off yesterdays post as the 3rd of March...good start Carla #fail.
Morning has sprung, and it’s a misty wannabe lovely kinda day. The sun is trying, and I appreciate the effort but seriously try harder! Spring please hurry up and arrive, and stop teasing us. Yesterday was a perfect spring day, made all the better by a sneaky half day which I am proud to say I did not waste on my phone! Well done Carla, have a gold star.
Left off work in the glorious sunshine, feeling good about the fact the pooches were gonna get a run around the field, which is our favourite thing to do in the afternoons. Holy Moly we pretty much had to swim into the field as the entrance was horrendously water logged, Prim the princess almost strangled herself on a bush to avoid getting her paws wet and muddy – she failed.
Then for the pooches it was that time of the month….bath time! Which is fun. . . .
Martin and Stacey came over for take away, with their little bundle of cuteness Eddie. Side note I had a chicken kebab minus the pitta and mayo aka technically a grilled chicken salad, just earnt myself another gold star in the healthy eating category of life (Brain: and you had a piece of pizza, shall I delete this memory…gone) followed off buy an awesome arms and shoulders session at the gym with Vickster.
Personal note: stepper, level 10, 30 floors in 7mins – I was proud, and I managed to not go home and finish off the pizza! Yay.  
Yesterday was a spring day at its best, and I’m so ready for many more.
Much love
Carla x 

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