Monday, 14 March 2016

14th March 2016 | Project Kitchen DONE! (almost)

Here we are, Monday morning again. Didn't know whether to blog through the weekend or not, but decided against it as we were super busy. Half a week of blogging and I'm already craving a decent camera as my iPhone is shocking, and it's just plain irritating.

Urgh just went to make my scrambled eggs for breakfast to find one had cracked. Fantastic. Luckily I'm a little food hoarder and had a pot of porridge in my draw to save the day.

Back to it, Friday 11th March: We left off work early on Friday which is always nice, and I spent the evening having a bit of a pamper, overcooked my steak which was annoying, but we had an early night. Perfect - Oh and Joes mum bought me some flowers, just because she is really great.  
Saturday 12th March: I had planned my Saturday thinking Joe was going into the workshop, but he didn't and made a start at finishing our kitchen! So I left him to that. I had a mega busy day ahead of me.
I went to my pole exercise class. It was my first class back after a break of around 5/6 months, I stopped going as I just didn't have the time but I absolutely love it! I spent the class going over everything and seeing how much I had forgotten -surprisingly I remembered most of it, but oh my goodness my body had forgotten how much it hurts, and how much it bruises you. The lovely Robyn, owner of Unique Fitness in Norwich was kind enough to take a few photos for me, which was quite funny as when I had the camera on me I couldn't remember anything. 

The Good vs The Bad...below photo taken straight after pole, the bruises are now horrendous.
 Next I had family visit to make as it had been my Aunties birthday, had a nice catch up with her and my cousin, which was lavly.
I always over stay as we get chatting and don't see each other often enough (because life)and just generally really enjoy catching up, so I had a mega rush to get to my hairdressers, The Powder Rooms in the city, only just made it in time as I was stuck behind a tractor #Norfolkproblems 
That evening I went out for a meal for Vicky's' birthday with her, and a couple of her friends. It was at a pub in the middle of nowhere and we got lost and had to call Joe to direct us (stranded girl cliché)
Saturday done!
Sunday 13th March: Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen - We grouted, we painted, Joe made a new cabinet for the wall, which we then couldn't hang as the B&Q plasterboard plugs kept breaking - utter shite. I'm so happy with the kitchen, it's actually beautiful, and exactly as I imagined it to be when we moved in 2 years ago and had no kitchen at all, when the only kitchen worktop I had was the top of the dishwasher (priorities)and a borrowed camping table. Joe has worked really hard on it, and I'm very proud of both him and the kitchen itself. It's 97% finished, we just have to hang the cabinet (1%) paint the ceiling (1%) and put something between the tiles and worktop (1%) Yay. I have put a couple of sneaky peak pictures here, as I don't want to take full photos until it is 100%. Then we had an Indian...Nommage.
We were just going to bed, and I went to get the food for my puffer fish out of the freezer and realised I had not prepped my food for tomorrow, so annoying but if I didn't do it I would be more annoyed the next morning, so instead of going up to bed I grilled the chicken, and cooked all the rest of the bits I needed, then bed.
Wow that was a super long post, and has confirmed the fact that I will blog at the weekend in future. Well done if you made it.

Much love
Carla x

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