Monday, 21 March 2016

21st March 2016 | 5 Best Bits Of My Weekend

Welcome to the first Monday of spring, which is long overdue and if the weather could now take the hint and warm up a little bit I would be very appreciative. My usual Monday morning is underway; coffee, scrambled eggs, weekend emails with Youtube on in the background wading off the Monday morning blues. 
 I have decided to summarise my weekend into my 5 best bits! As I prefer quick snappy posts, and you guys I'm sure have very important things you should be doing rather than wasting time on blog posts...or is that just me that does that?
Doubt it.

5 Best Bits Of My Weekend

 One| Eating - I have a new rule that is working for me with my quest to eat healthy, and that's meal prep throughout the week and eat bang on all week Mon - Fri no cheating!, but then for the weekend I just chill and allow myself to eat how I want, what I want, when I want, ya-no within reason I'm not going to eat crap 2 days straight! I'm not trying to lose a lot of weight, so for me this is currently working great, it means I'm refreshed and motivated for the next week, and if I start to flag during the week I only have a day or so till I can have whatever I'm craving - which by then the craving has usually done one!
Two | Pole Fitness class - I enjoy this so much and would love to be able to go more than once a week, but I'm a busy lass. This week I was working on a routine, and a couple of new moves. Routines are not as sexy as they sound, and simply mean you have to really concentrate on remembering how to do each move and enter and exit the moves without looking like a clumsy hippo with your tongue out. . .so mainly just stumbling around the pole looking confused.
Three | City shopping with the bezzie, nothing fancy (end of the month and all that *avoids bank balance until payday*) just popped into good old Primache, Boots and of course a stop at Costa, where instead of my usual Soya Caramel Latte, I opted for a Soya Mocha, and me and Vicki got a little excited that it will soon be iced coffee time of year *squeals* 
remember when I said this was gonna be a quick snappy post...
Four | Films - On Sunday evening I got a teenage girl blast from the past when Cinderella Story was on, I watched this film all the time when I was younger, and it had nothing to do with Chad Michael Murray I'm sure of it...and as that was finishing I was speaking about how that and 10 Things I Hate About You were the films that I used to watch repeatedly as a teenager, and O.M.G it was only bloody on the other channel! I missed the start, but still I was pretty happy and sank into the sofa for another hour.
Five |  New Car - Ok so that's a lie, I didn't get a new car, but I did finally make the decision to get a new car, so it kind of counts. And I'm being a complete girl, and want a Fiat 500 Cult, in either white or that super pale baby blue colour that they don't have on their website *raarrh* But I'm going to go to my local dealer this week and price up my baby - so watch this space!
Let me know your favourite thing from this weekend!
Much love
Carla x

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