Wednesday, 23 March 2016

23rd March 2016 | Camera Troubles, Puppy Grooming & New Shoes

Good evening you lovely people, I have had a great day fuelled by mostly too much coffee, so have spent the afternoon wired and scatty - lucky me!
I got all my work done early, and had a couple of hours I could kill so popped into the city with the goal of purchasing a new camera, but not just any old camera (oh no no no!) I was after the blogger cliché Olympus pen e-pl7. Its beautiful, and most importantly soon to be discontinued (so I'm told by the helpful staff at Jessops) resulting in a nice little price decrease which I had been made aware of by the lovely Carly Rowena. Bringing it tumbling all the way down to my budget - YES! So I tottered off, with high hopes I would be bringing my baby home with me today so obviously the last one had been sold yesterday...and they had no more in the warehouse...and you can't buy the deal I wanted online...I was starting to see my beautiful camera fade into the distance, but alas Ipswich store saved the day with 1 camera left in stock, and it's in silver which is the cheapest option (winner) and it's ex display so can potentially get some more dollar off (bonus round winner!)So I will update you on Friday whether I buy it or not (hint - I will be buying it Eeek!)

I had the puppies booked in for a groom at scruffy to fluffy and although the whole time I was in Jessops I was clock watching, it seemed that as soon as I left the shop I hadn't the foggiest clue that I was in a rush, and whilst on my way back to the car decided on a leisurely stroll around H&M.
In the queue with a baggy, long classic white shirt, a basic grey v neck oversized tee, and the most beautiful brushed fur leopard print Chelsea boots in the sale at £10! which I actually broke a shelf to get my hands on (Oops, sorry H&M) I suddenly remembered I was supposed to have had the puppies dropped off 10 minutes ago. Shit.  I was in a queue, with no signal, a missed call from the groomers, and my beautiful last size 5 sale boots in hand. . . so as I (obvs) waited to pay for my boots (I was no way leaving those babies in the shop) I tried to text for help, I tried to call the groomers praying my phone would find signal and help me out - it didn't. So after leaving H&M I managed to get a call of help out and Debbie thankfully dropped the puppies off at the groomers for me, and I turned up 10 minutes later all flustered and apologetic and please don't take it out on my babies haircut!
I then spent the rest of my afternoon working, completely wired and in a bit of a flustered haze until I had to go pick the babies up who look completely adorable. I tried to bribe them into a few photos - it didn't work well. I will leave you with the few images I managed to snap.
Prim (or Prim the princess as she is known) is the caramel & white Shih Tzu, and Luna the black Shih-Poo! Yes that's pronounced how you think it is...(shih Tzu x Toy Poodle) aka my babies.

Much love
Carla x

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