Thursday, 31 March 2016

28th March 2016 | Gone But Not Forgotten

Good morning you chirpy lot!
Sorry I have been away, it started as a long weekend, and ended with me feeling a bit poorly and so I have been absent for almost a week.
But in that time away I have so much to update you with, so grab a coffee as you know I like to natter!
The holiday started off with an unexpected days holiday. We weren't planning on taking the bank holiday days off, but Thursday evening the green eyed monster rose it grim head from the depths and convinced us we needed it. It turned into the nicest day ever, the sun was shining both Jenna and Vicki with little Freya in tow were all free for brunch, so we headed off into the city. After the obligatory bank holiday lay in of course! We met at the Britannia CafĂ© in Norwich Centre, in the little church next to Tesco express if you are local. Cant remember what I actually ate now, but I remember it having lots of fluff in...nice.
Oh side note, prior to my meeting the girls in the city, I popped into the local Fiat dealership in Norwich to price up a sparkly new Fiat500 Lounge, which hopefully will grace the presence of my life in the not too distant future - raise your hand for being a blogger clichĂ©.
After eating we went for a bit of a browse and a ticked a few things off our combined to do lists, followed by a smoothie before parting ways.
The rest of the day I honestly cant remember (my fault for zero blogging motivation due to my fail at taking ANY photos, which made me sad), but I think it went something along the lines of lay on the sofa with Joe, play with the pooches, eat a take away with friends, drink some wine, sleep.
Saturday to my best of my knowledge was miserable, and spent wallowing in the fond memory of the previous days sunshine.
Day off wasted
Sunday was also grim as far as the weather was concerned (I'm such a typical Brit, having to note on what the weather was like each day) I had a visit to Pauline's new house in the morning, which I can confirm is flipping gorgeous! although a bit further away from me than I would like *sobs*. After the complimentary tour, we spent the time measuring up for curtains, and setting up her new TV. It was nice to get a bit of catch up time, as life is so busy and I miss her.  
Later in the day me and Joe, along with the rest of my family tottered off to my Nanny & Grandad's for our Easter Sunday get together. We do this every year for a few differed occasions, it's lovely to catch up and test our family bonds by seeing how long we can all tolerate each other with minimal alcohol. Ha, I obviously love them all very much, and really enjoy a get together especially one that involves chocolate. Although I was good this year and managed to avoid all but one, which I can confirm is gone and was delicious.
Zero regrets
Monday was back to work with no motivation and my headache which seems to hit me every evening at the moment started to get worse, and I also have a rash which keeps popping up and disappearing, and then popping up somewhere else, which is fun!
But fast forward to Wednesday which is when things got exciting as I toddled into the city to buy my first ever big girl blogger camera! The highly recommended, blogged about and loved Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7 in retro silver, with the 14 - 42mm lens and as it is a now no longer produced the price had dropped dramatically. I also managed to nab the last one Jessops had, which they got sent to the Norwich store for me to view, but as it was the last one it was ex display, meaning it had the minutest of scratches on the bottom from being plonked on and off the stand, so I got a further £20 off - thank you very much Jessops. Also the silver version is already around £40 cheaper than the black or white, which was perfect as the silver is super retro looking and by far my favourite of the three.
So I now I just need to learn how to work this beauty!
Free camera lessons anybody...?
Photos to follow, as you can imagine there will now be a bombardment of (hopefully) beautiful photos crammed into my blog, and also on my Facebook.
If you have made it this far, and don't already, come like my Facebook page as it's where I most regularly update - especially since the Instagram spat about notifications.
As always, much love
Carla x

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