Monday, 11 April 2016

11th April 2016 | Life Update

 Good day you patient lot!
I've been gone for a good week because basically work got cray cray! and that's what lets me live in my little house, and do all the lovely things I wanna do so that's what I have to focus on when I'm stressed up to my eyeballs - Soz and that.
So lets update you
Fish Tank Dramas: Last Sunday our fish tank leaked, we realised it had been for a little while as we started to notice the floor coming up. The Fish tank is 6ft x 3ft-ish and holds a shisha tonne of water so we needed that sorted asap!
We headed off to Notcutts in Norwich to look at fish tanks threw a strop about how expensive they all were, came home realised we had to buy one anyway and then Joe went back and ended up purchasing two smaller tanks to accommodate all the fishies that live in our previous big tank.
Sorted. Oh and the floor needs replacing *sobs*
 Work Work Work: For anyone that doesn't know, we have our own company supplying bespoke timber buildings, specialising in Shepherds Huts like the below. With this type of business you obviously get peak periods during the year, and the Easter bank holiday is THE kick starter for this period, so I was swamped in the office and been working late most nights to catch up. Hence the no show on my blog. but I can happily say I'm back in control and things are A-Okay! 
Fitness - HA!: The gym also had to take a step back due to the work. I didn't get to the gym all of last week, and ate like a stereotypical uni-student - it wasn't great, and made me feel sluggish and meh. This week I'm gonna be back on it so no biggie.
Camera: I'm slowly getting to grips with my new Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7! I love it and currently find myself searching for fellow bloggers who also own it and have been kind enough to blog about the fundamentals on setting it up / using it. (hint, if you know any let me know!)It's my current baby, and comes with me almost everywhere now in this snazzy little handbag I purchased for it from Clarks.
Pole Fitness: I'm now officially doing inverts in pole, and it's the scariest and best thing ever! Ooh I also now work on a spinning pole as well as the static pole, and although it's terrifying if you kick off and spin for the next 2 days its so much more fun. My arms though...I have never known them to ache like it!
Gimmie the guns!
Wedding planning: I now have flowers half sorted, and make up sorted, by my lovely make up artist friend for life Kelly. We had a lovely catch up over a pub dinner, and made me all happy that no matter how much time passes we can just pick a date and it's like nothing has changed.
1 & 1/2 things ticked off the to do  list
Hang Over: And the last thing to add is yesterday I experienced the 2nd worst hangover of my life. I'm usually quite good, and avoid the hangover - but oh man it was horrendous. We had a brilliant night at Joes dads for Fiona's birthday, and much fizz was consumed! luckily I left about 30mins prior to it really kicking in, and so most of my drunken behaviour happened at home...which was fun for Joe to deal with, who for once was the sober one! Still feeling a little delicate today, but nothing a few gallons of lemon water wont resolve.
So that's all of that and you're all up to date.
Have a lovely day. 

Much love 
Carla x   

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