Thursday, 24 March 2016

24th March 2016 | Did Someone Say Cake?

Good morning you beautiful bunch of people, today I'm talking about cake, if you know me personally it will come of no surprise to hear that. However this isn't just some ordinary cake I'm talking about today, nope I have found our wedding cake! *Girly squeals*
I think I'm right in saying this is my first wedding related post, and that's probably due to the fact that we are being extremely blasé about planning our do, and should probably pull our fingers out as it's less than 6 months away...
Ahh well
The whole process has been a bit stress free, and I'm waiting for the chaos to kick in as that's what happens when you organise a wedding right? you get mega stressed and panic about the whole thing and then wonder why you are doing this instead of just faffing off on holiday with the money...
Touch wood it stays this way (if I'm looking back at this in 4 months time thinking you smug bitch - sorry!)
But yeah I have the cake sorted! Yay, I was struggling a little bit for the cake, as what I want is simple so begrudged paying what I had been quoted from a few places, and I wanted a cake maker who had personally been recommended. We'll that half happened as in Helen Anderson's YouTube video (find Helen here) she recommended a local lady she knows called Elise, find Glamourbakes on Instagram here, and the cupcakes she had purchased were gorgeous! So I pinged off an email to Elise and now yay I have a cake sorted!
Obviously I'm not going to upload photos of the style of cake I am interested in, but here's some photos of cake from Pinterest...YUM!
Next big thing to sort is honeymoon! Dream destination would be Bora Bora, it had always been the Maldives since I was a little girl, but Joe took me to Hakuraa Huraa in the Maldives in 2014 ( wow is that right?) and we got engaged which was THE DREAM! 
However we are not particularly saving too hard at the min, so maybe that is a fantasy. If not Joe was liking the sound of St Lucia which isn't exactly slumming it either!
Maaan I need some sunshine in my life right now.
Hope you are having a lovely day, comment your honeymoon destination or your dream destination for some inspiration please!
Much love
Carla x

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