Tuesday, 12 April 2016

12th April 2016 | Stress Less

Sometimes life is stressful.
Sometimes the stress is required to give you the kick up the bum you need to just get shit done.
But don't forget that stress is just an emotion and sometimes you have to live through crappy emotions to remember why the great ones are so flipping great!

My Stress Less Tips

(tips I endeavour to follow...y'know in a perfect blogtastic world)
1. Most importantly: Do what you need to do! Don't avoid the things that are making you stressed, you'll become overwhelmed the problem will escalate and you will have to deal with it eventually and it will only then be 854621356% worse.
Just do it.
Prioritise, and do the things you are dreading most first. 
You'll thank yourself by lunchtime.
2. Make a list and put EVERYTHING on it. I mean all the stupid little things that you have to do, but aren't really list worthy. Like brush your teeth (duh - tick!) make a 11am cuppa (tick!), listen to voicemails (oh god more things to add to the list - tick!)- if nothing else it will give you more things to cross through which will give your brain the placebo self accomplishment endorphins you are craving to get you through the next actual noteworthy task to tackle.
3. Don't forget to take care of you, make sure you take a break from all the getting stuff done above or you'll burn yourself out. That can be as little as getting up to make a cuppa tea, or actually stopping to eat your lunch or go full on relax mode and take a bath with bubbles and all! Just keep a bit of time for you, so you don't go insane.
4. It pains me to say it, but DONT DRINK COFFEE - The caffeine will just increase the feeling of anxiety leading to more un-necessary stress. Feeling wired when stressed just isn't something you need, switch your usual latte for a camomile or peppermint tea...good bye mid afternoon bloat!
5. Once you are finally stress free (the dream!) or atleast over the worst of it, look back on what you achieved. Realise how much you actually dealt with, make a mental note of things to improve on next time (that's what I'm currently doing right now) and finally treat yourself - I suggest a evening pamper session, nothing puts me in a better mood than having freshly plucked brows!
I'm such a wild child...
 We can be too hard on ourselves and sometimes we just need to remember that we are all freakin' awesome.
These are my tips to look back on the next time I'm in a stress, let me know yours.  
6*. And when all else fails, crack open the gin! I won't lie to you all.
*Warning this tip is not useful in the slightest, apply with caution.
Much love
Carla x

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