Wednesday, 13 April 2016

13th April 2016 | Christian Louboutin Lust List

If there is one man who knows what a girl wants it's the infamous Christian Louboutin.
  My current lust list would keep my bank account in the red for many many years, but window shopping can't hurt right? right?!
Come day dream with me, and try not to drool over your smart phone.

Fricaba Tissu/calf EcAom Cotton - £795.00 

 Mosaika Kid/patent - £725.00

 Survivita Velvet Matte - £60.00

 Very Rete Mini Resille - £575.00

 Paloma Small Tote Bag - £1,195.00

 Une Plume Sling Calf Hawaii - £465.00

 So Baker Kid/knot - £1,695.00

So that's a hefty imaginary bill of  £5,510.00
Annnnd back to reality, have a lovely day people
Much love
Carla x
*all images from Christian Louboutin UK site

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