Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fancy Restaurants | Filing | Mini Boots Haul

Good afternoon, how has your week started off? I hope with lots of catch up coffees and maybe a cream cake...hmmm I wonder what time the bakery closes.
 I think I might have blinked and missed last week, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of nice restaurants, an unplanned, April shower induced Boots mini spree, a spin / silks class and nope not a single gym session...or is that a lie? I might have gone Monday, either way last week was yet another gym fail.
First lovely restaurant I went to was CafĂ© Rouge, which although there are two in Norwich I had never been too. In case you don't  know it's a French restaurant, and it was really lovely and every single course of mine was heavy on cream - tasty! I went with friends during the week and had a lovely evening, and although debated I passed on the snails...
Second restaurant meal of the week (pictured below), was the always on point No.24 in Wymondham. It is one of mine and Joes favourite restaurants, and we went on Saturday night with his dad and partner. The food as always was exceptional, and made even better by the fact they had sticky toffee pudding on the menu - my favourite!
On Sunday I was in a "OMG I need to organise everything, and why is nothing ever where I need it to be, and I don't think I've filed since 2014!" mood. So I popped to Staples and purchased some files to (re)organise all of our paper work, as it had gotten out.of.hand. with piles of paper stuffed in every draw our house can accommodate and then some. So I spent all of Sunday with our paperwork all over the living room floor(with 3 pups in the house, good thinking Carla!) and have it all nicely organised now. 
Feeling accomplished! 
So here is the result of my dart into Boots to avoid the damn showers that have plagued us all weekend.
Hail in April - no thanks!
Truth be told, I didn't break the bank so I don't even count this as a splurge (technically means I'm still entitled to a splurge this month as I'm not counting this right..?!) 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - an absolute babe of a product, and if I could upgrade a product to friends status it would be this baby. 
Soap and Glory Body Wash & Body Scrub - The Sugar Crush is the only scent of Soap and Glory that I do like, and its one of my go-to brands as you just get so much product for your money, especially as it is always on 3 for 2.
Cotton Wool Face Pads - I actually purchased 4 packs of these, because who doesn't always need these?
Oral B Toothpaste glamorous shine - Not sure my teeth need to shine glamorously, but they were buy one get one free and they match the make of my teeth whitening strips so in the basket they went.  
Massage sponge - purchased solely for the white scrubby bit, as anything that helps with exfoliating in my books is a winner.
And then the two products that I'm really excited about

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water - I've read good reviews about this beauty, and I use the standard micellar water at the moment, the one with the pink lid. But it doesn't remove my mascara with scrubbing, which leave my eyes sore, and I still wake up with panda eyes. Also my skin is getting dryer as I get older, and my usual moisturiser isn't cutting it so I'm hoping to give it a help in hand with the oil from this product - I will report back how I get on with it.
Rimmel Sun Shimmer In Shower Self Tan - Now I am a fake tan virgin! I've always just been way to paranoid about it going wrong, or streaky or orange or GREEN! and then theres the fact that seriously who cba! But when I noticed this advertised, I thought if I saw it in store I might give it a go. Mostly because I will do anything to prolong my shower, secondly it's buildable, so I'm hoping it will be pretty light and forgive any poorly applied-ness! and thirdly I don't want to be as pasty white as I currently am *sobs* I haven't read any reviews on this, but again I will update you.
Wish me luck!
I hope you've had a lovely Monday (and Tuesday as I didn't get this up on schedule), I'll see you Wednesday with a wedding update!
Much love
Carla x

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